Publishing opportunities

______ALL approved scientific articles of the Forum "Transport. Horizons of Development" and the Volozhka Conference will be published in the online edition http://вф-река-море .рф/ (it is an official media outlet, registered with Roskomnadzor, certificate El no.FS77-52022 dated 11/29/2012), as well as in the NEB "eLIBRARY.RU" (RSCI)

The procedure for submitting an article for publication

______Please note that scientific articles should be designed in strict accordance with the requirements and templates posted on the website (DOWNLOAD the TEMPLATE).
Submit article for TDH/Volozhka
_____Keep in mind! Articles that do not meet the design requirements will be rejected.
______Articles in both Russian and English are accepted for consideration
______To submit an article, you must fill out the form by May 26th, 2024
_____Keep in mind! If the author submits several articles, then he fills out a new form for each article. 1 article = 1 form
_____PLEASE read the rules for the design and submission of the article
______The status of the article can be tracked in a Dynamic table